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Sunday’s Coming

Sunday’s Coming

Yesterday I met with an amazing group of believers who are working on a project to train entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. The Edmonds Entrepreneurial Leadership Training is offered through Marketplace Connections and the work being done here has been done in India and Africa, and has produced incredible fruit! Starting this meeting in prayer, and being focused on God’s agenda in all of this reminded me of why it’s so important for Christian Business Leaders to fellowship.

Because Sunday’s coming.

We don’t live in happy times. In fact, my six-year-old daughter came to me a few days ago, worried that the world is going to keep getting worse and worse and that less and less people are going to care about Jesus. She wanted me to tell her it was all going to be all right. I remember when I was that age, maybe a bit older, being so scared that the Russians were going to drop a nuclear bomb on us (I’m dating myself, but interesting how time cycles). The reassurance I got was that no one was crazy enough to do that because of retaliation. Small reassurance, but that’s all you get when you don’t know Sunday’s coming.

I don’t lie to my kids, so I couldn’t tell her bad things weren’t going to continue to happen. And she’s six, so it’s not quite appropriate to break out Revelation and inform her just how bad it is going to get. But I could tell her the good news.

Sunday’s coming.

God always, always, takes care of the people who love him and try to obey Him. And no matter how bad it gets, or what you hear, or how many people hate you in His name, He will take care of you. So you have to hold on to that promise, and believe it even when everything in the world tells you otherwise.

Sunday’s coming.

How different are we from those disciples 2,000 years ago, who were questioning whether maybe they’d just gotten carried away?  Did we just believe what we wanted to be true? Were we stupid? Was everyone else right? Maybe I should just get back to my job and worry about how to make enough money to feed my family. He’s not coming back. Things wouldn’t be this bad, this tragedy wouldn’t have happened, if God was good, and He loved me.

Sunday’s coming.

We’re living in Saturday, in a world that tells us we’re crazy, evil, and stupid for believing as we do. The overwhelming majority of our culture holds us in contempt. Highly learned, respected, famous, and wealthy people use their influence to paint us in the worst possible light and attempt to make us question or recant our beliefs. We’re not unique in this place and time and the sad reality is that as hard as it feels, we have it ridiculously easy compared to people in the past or other parts of our world today. And even though God takes care of us and provides us peace and comfort, we don’t escape physical persecution in the world, and that’s scary. But Sunday’s coming.

He has overcome death, and through him we will too. And in the meantime, we need each other. We need to encourage each other to spread light and show Him to the world through our example. We need to share His peace and comfort. And we need to keep going, to prosper, and to live in His abundance.

Because Sunday’s right around the corner!

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